About Us

Brewster Cheese is the largest manufacturer of Swiss cheese in the United States.

Mmm, Swiss cheese. We produce more than 100 million pounds of award winning, all natural Swiss cheese each year. We love what we do and – of course – love to #makeitswiss. Yeah, we know, we’re cheesy.

But we’re proud of our products, our people and our roots here in small-town Brewster, Ohio.

Chances are, if you are buying Swiss cheese in the United States, it most likely came from Brewster Cheese. We produce for all of the major national brands and major retailers.


It all started with a guy named John.

John Leeman was born the son of a successful architect in Zurich, Switzerland. John immigrated to America in 1929 and settled in the "Little Switzerland" area of Ohio. John eventually became manager of the Stark County Milk Producers Brewster plant in 1933. In 1965 – more than 30 years later – the Brewster plant was put up for sale. John already owned much of the equipment used to run the dairy, so he and his son, Fritz, purchased the business. And so the Brewster Cheese Company was born.

A second production plant was added in Stockton, Illinois in 1998, and a third in 2007 in Rupert, Idaho, making Brewster Cheese the largest producer of Swiss cheese in the United States.


The main thing that separates Brewster Cheese from other cheese-makers is our quality. We’ve always maintained a great reputation for high quality because we don’t cut corners on ingredients or production.

Consistency is important in the cheese-making biz, and it’s another way that we set ourselves apart from the competition. We know also that a quality product comes from quality ingredients, and we take great care in making sure that we use the best.

Combined with excellent customer service and reliable cheese and whey products, we bet the Brewster Cheese difference is one you can taste.

Today more than 400 dairy farms provide milk to our production plants in Ohio and Illinois.


The Brewster Cheese Company is a family owned business dedicated to enhancing long term stakeholder value. Our central purpose is to be the supplier of choice of our customers. We will achieve this by producing authentic food products that meet or exceed our customers' expectations for food safety, quality, service, value and legal compliance. We are committed to continual improvement and a robust food safety and quality culture. We share the results of our success with those that contribute to that success.