Privacy Policy

The Company is committed to protecting the privacy of its current and former employees. To assist employees who request the Company provide confidential information on their behalf to outside sources, the Human Resources Department will coordinate the appropriate response to the requested information relating to current and former employees. All requests may take up to five (5) business days to assemble the requested and appropriate information.

Current employees who require verification of their salary or other confidential employment related records that are to be submitted to an outside source, must submit a written authorization to the Human Resources Department before any information can be released.

Upon receiving written authorization, the following information regarding active or former employees will be released by the Human Resources Department verbally: dates of employment and job classification or title.

Requests for additional information related to credit evaluation, employment references, mortgage applications, etc. will be provided in writing ONLY with a current signed authorization from the employee, or as required by law.

When the Company receives a subpoena or a request by a governing authority, the requested information will be released with or without notice to the employee or former employee without delay.

Any employee, who releases information about a current or former employee without specific authorization by the Human Resources Department, will be subject to corrective action up to and including termination of employment.