At Brewster Cheese, we carry all different types including Swiss, Reduced fat Swiss cheese, Aged Swiss, Baby Swiss, and Lacey Baby Swiss.

As the largest manufacturer of all natural Swiss cheese in the United States, we work with retailers all over the country from well-known artisan brands to nationally and internationally recognized retailers. Chances are, if you are buying Swiss cheese in the U.S., it came from Brewster Cheese!

In addition to our cheese production, we also sell bulk quantities of whey. If you’re interested in distributing our products, contact us.

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We’ve been in the business of making and selling cheese since 1965. At Brewster Cheese, we operate under high standards and that’s why so many retailers choose to work with us.

We’re proud to be the top Swiss cheese manufacturer in the United States and take our jobs pretty seriously. We like being number one and we think our products show it.

Swiss cheese is our specialty, and we produce several types, including Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese, Aged Swiss, Baby Swiss and Lacey Baby Swiss.


In addition to our cheese production, we also sell bulk quantities of whey

Whey is a by-product of cheese-making that forms from the curds produced during the heating and cooling processes. Years ago, that whey used to be discarded as a waste product of the cheese-making process. Can you imagine?

Whey is now a well-known ingredient packed with protein and essential amino acids. It is used to make protein powders, infant formula and more.

We save and process all of the whey created in our cheese-making process and offer lactose and whey protein concentrate products.